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Did you know the average human brain weighs 1.3Kg? If only there was a way to put the full weight of all your intellectual power into your customers, products and competitors! Welcome to 1.3 Creative …


We make working with technology easier. Through engaging design, dependable products and pragmatic delivery models, our solutions pursue digital experiences that advance your business and marketing objectives. We are open, transparent and informative – and love to get things done.

A customer-centric service model that covers every base, ethical behaviour derived from the principles of the British Computer Society and the moral fibre to enhance the digital footprint of charities in our local community, tells you a lot about us and makes for a refreshing agency experience.

Our corporate responsibility initiatives – where we give back 5% of our time and resources to projects we care about, also includes security advisories to 30 CCG’s across the country and over 200 Northamptonshire businesses. Why? Because we care and we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Our Services

Web Design

We use WordPress to architect and build cutting edge web and mobile experiences. Imagine having more time to unleash your creative potential on your products, customers and competitors! Success starts with having the right blueprint as a guiding light for the project. All our projects have a design methodology, delivery methodology and visual planning board.


AgileSite is a suite of well written, well supported transformational applications deployed on top of WordPress, available on a subscription basis. They are line of business specific providing solutions for the Education, Sports, Small Business and Charity sectors. The component parts making up AgileSite include Discovery, Assist, Omni-Commerce, Appointments, Membership, Fundraising, Custom Development and Support.

BA & PM Services

With over 20 years Business Analysis, Project Management and Implementation experience, the company founder provides a full life cycle of services on a contract basis, throughout the Midlands. These include analysing business requirements, preparing project plans, implementing requirements, managing small teams, project governance, training, documentation and support. We work with external recruitment agencies to deliver this service.

Social Media

We understand the importance of being professional online and what’s more we also know how important it is to have a personality. Do you know that before most of your clients visit or call you, they’ll already be researching you online? Do we get excited about helping businesses stand out from the crowd with quality digital communications? Hell yeah!


1.3 Creative helps you deliver powerful and empowering cloud-based business management software. We help companies implement and manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more. We work with external recruitment agencies and NetSuite Partners to deliver this service.


Known as the Conversational UI, it allows a user to interact with a machine using natural language. No more inefficient typing! We are working on being able to build and connect intelligent Bots to interact with your customers naturally. In the future, your customers may simply ask “What services do you provide?” instead of looking for it on your website.

Our Services

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