Highly Responsive Emails

by Elliot Charles MBCS - a 5 minute read

Responsive, you say?

Today, more and more emails are being read on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Thanks to the popularity of the smartphone, the iOS mail client is now at the top of the heap. With so many readers viewing emails on mobile, we knew there had to be an easier way to ensure emails look swank on any device.

With 4 starter templates to choose from (the clients brand colours, logo, social media platforms and contact details get added) we’ve made it easier to craft email campaigns that look great on a computer, or on-the-go.

Supported Email Clients

Here’s a breakdown of the email clients that the templates are optimised for.

Client Supported Any Known Issues?
Gmail (Desktop) Yes
Gmail (Mobile) Yes If the same email is sent repeatedly Gmail will clip it, causing the layout to appear slightly wonky.
Gmail (iOS) Yes
Gmail (Android) Yes
Yahoo Mail (Desktop) Yes
Yahoo Mail (Mobile) Yes
Mail (iOS) Yes
Mail (OSX) Yes
Email (Android) Yes
Outlook Express Yes
Outlook 2003 Yes
Hotmail (Desktop) Yes
Hotmail (Desktop) Yes Headers are green sometimes.
Hotmail (Mobile) Yes Body is 15px too wide to the right – might be a padding issue.
Thunderbird Yes
Sparrow (iOS) Yes
Sparrow (Desktop) Yes
Entourage 2004 Yes
Entourage 2008 Yes
Windows Mail Yes
Live Mail Yes

Please note that responsive mails is an added extra. Speak to us about adding it onto your package for you.

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