Security Update July 2017

by Ken Charles - a 4 minute read

Security Update July 2017

July, like May and June has been a busy month in terms of keeping AgileSite up to date. There has been across the board updates to security as well as upgrades to almost all other areas such as e-commerce, events calendar, and Sports to name but a few. 42 Plugin upgrades and 2 Theme Upgrades have made July 2017 a much busier month than the same time last year, and in keeping with the trend set in January. There does, however, appear to be a levelling off in the number of updates being processed in the last 3 months.

“As you are already aware, for security reasons we do not publish the specific names and versions of the updates we implement, but here is a short summary”

Here’s to a very secure and performant August – onwards and upwards!

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This Month’s Security Tip:

  1. Patch, Patch, PATCH!
    Set up your computer for automatic software and operating system updates. An unpatched machine is more likely to have software vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

    Why patch?

    If your computer seems to be working fine, you may wonder why you should apply a patch. By not applying a patch you might be leaving the door open for a malware attack. Malware exploits flaws in a system in order to do its work. In addition, the timeframe between an exploit and when a patch is released is continually getting shorter.

    Defects in clients like web browsers, email programmes, image viewers, instant messaging software, and media players may allow malicious websites, etc. to infect or compromise your computer with no action on your part other than viewing or listening to the website, message, or media.

    What to patch

    Not all of the vulnerabilities that exist in products or technologies will affect you. However, any software you use is a potential source of vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise of security or identity. The more commonly used a programme is, the bigger target it represents and the more likely it is that a vulnerability will be exploited.

    For the more obscure software you use, contact the vendor to receive updates, patches, or vulnerability alerts. Additionally, don’t forget to patch your anti-virus software.

    How to patch


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We take the security threat landscape very seriously!

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