Security Update June 2017

by Ken Charles - a 4 minute read

Security Update June 2017

June, like April and May has been a busy month in terms of keeping AgileSite up to date. There has been across the board updates to security as well as upgrades to almost all other areas such as e-commerce, events calendar, and Sports to name but a few. 44 upgrades have made June 2017 a much busier month than the same time last year, and in keeping with the trend set in January. There does, however, appear to be a slight upward trend in the number of updates being processed compared to the last 3 months.

“As you are already aware, for security reasons we do not publish the specific names and versions of the updates we implement, but here is a short summary”

Here’s to a very secure and performant July – onwards and upwards!

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This Month’s Security Tips:

1.Use email and the internet safely.
Ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links and forms in emails that come from people you don’t know, or which seem “phishy.” Avoid untrustworthy (often free) downloads from freeware or shareware sites. Learn more about spam filtering.
2.Use secure connections.
When connected to the internet, your data can be vulnerable while in transit. Use remote connectivity and secure file transfer options when off campus.


My experience was excellent, 1.3 Creative are very thorough and have helped us with all the moving parts for our businesses.
Rosemary Ndukuba
Our website is fresh, relevant and always up to date and we love telling our customers and suppliers about our new online home.
Lisa Levi
Helen Lewis
We decided to update our site for a better customer experience and with my training I feel so much more confident about WordPress.
Helen Lewis


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We take the security threat landscape very seriously!

Have a look through our monthly archives and gain a sense of our security posture and how we keep our systems up to date.

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