Social Media Broadcasting

by Elliot Charles MBCS - a short read

Social media transformed the way that people share information online.

For website owners, services such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ present an opportunity for their articles to reach hundreds or even thousands of people instantly.

Behind search engine traffic, social media traffic is often the second biggest source of visitors to many websites. However, in order to get this traffic, you need to build up your social media presence and make it easy for social media users to share your articles with their friends and followers.

When you publish new articles on your blog, you want to inform all of your social media followers. At 1.3Creative we give you the ability to automatically update the social media platforms you have linked to this service (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+). Whew!

If you wish, you can stop an article from being publicised on a particular social media service.

This service can save you valuable time in your busy schedule while keeping the loyal and faithful informed about your business and the exciting happenings within it.

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