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AgileSite Sports

The only digital solution for serious teams and athletes, keep your team organised with advanced club and league management features. Get your own data-driven AgileSite Sports website for your team today!

Bringing fans, players, coaching staff and sponsors together

Sports Data

Easily add data from your own club or league.


Add all the teams in your league. AgileSite Sports will automatically create a profile page for each team which will save you heaps of time.


You can add all the players in your league and assign them to specific teams. AgileSite Sports will automatically create player profile pages for each player, where you can visit to view their player performance stats from each season.


Staff personnel profiles can also be created to display useful contact information to visitors who may need to get in touch with your organisation.


Use competitions to define the different leagues or divisions your organisations participate in.


Organise your competitions by seasons. AgileSite Sports archives your previous data so you can always keep records and refer to stats from past seasons.


Help your fans and teammates find their way to the next game by providing an address for the venue.


Assign positions to your players to create leaderboards and rankings charts./span>

Job titles

Use job titles to define staff roles within your organisation.

CSV importers

Quickly import teams, players, staff, events, and sponsors from Excel or other spreadsheet programmes into AgileSite Sports using the built-in CSV import tools.

Manage multiple sports

Display AgileSite Sports widgets from other sites within the same network.

Club Management

Advanced features to manage your club and its members.

Team profiles

Visit each team’s profile page to see their upcoming matches and the latest news. Team profile pages can display rosters, team stats, news, and event calendars.

Player statistics

Record player performance and automatically calculate statistics per player based on preset or user-defined equations.

Sponsor tracking

Track the number of impressions and website clicks your sponsors are getting through your site.

User roles & permissions

AgileSite Sports introduces five user roles you can use to assign to members of your site. Each role gives different permissions and restrictions of what a user can do within your site.

Team access

Give members access to different areas of your site based on the teams they manage.

Staff directories

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch. Use staff directories to organise the contact information of your staff personnel.

League tables

Set up your league tables and AgileSite Sports will keep them updated. Automated league standings will save you time and make sure your website is always showing the current standings.

Interactive overview

Visit the AgileSite Sports overview page to get a bird’s eye view of how all of your sports data is connected.

Event Management

Fixture and results for serious teams and athletes.

Schedule fixtures

Keep visitors updated by scheduling and displaying your upcoming games on your website. Each event will automatically have its own page, so you can easily show the location, opposing team, and player lineup.

Update results

Update your events with the final scores and your event pages and league tables will automatically reflect the new standings. You can even record player performance for each event, so players can see their career stats for every season.

Box scores

Track each player’s performance within each event and display them in box score format. Player can be rearranged manually, or automatically to separate offense and defense.

Multiple layouts

Display events in calendar, blocks, detailed list, or scoreboard layouts, each with a unique look and feel. These can be added to any post, page, or widget area.

Calendar sharing

Share your calendar with teammates, staff, friends and family. Each calendar comes with a feed URL so anyone can add upcoming events to their Apple, Google, or Outlook calendars.

Google Maps

Each event will show an embedded Google Map with a pin at the exact location of the venue.


Use the animated countdown widget to show visitors the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the next game.


Use the scoreboard to display the latest scores and upcoming games.

Tournament brackets

Quickly setup and manage brackets for upcoming tournaments. Create rounds leading up to the final match!


Display a visual timeline of player performance within the event pages. Choose which icons to display, and the full time of the event. Agilesite Sports does all the rest.

Automated Statistics

Fully customisable variables and equations for data-driven sites.

Equation builder

Love stats? Use the intuitive drag-and-drop equation builder to create your own custom equations to calculate statistics for your sport.


See who’s the best performing player by creating player ranking charts. Choose how to sort each leaderboard to rank players in different ways.


Setup your league tables once and they’ll update automatically by pulling in the data from your events.

Appearance tracking

Tally up the number of times each team or player has made an appearance, started, or substituted in an event.

Games back calculation

Use the automatic “Games Back” variable to display this important metric used in many sports.

Home & away records

Filter each statistic by home or away, and provide a breakdown by displaying them as separate columns.

Winning streaks

Display the latest streak of wins, draws, and losses for each team.

Recent outcomes

Display outcomes from the last 5 or last 10 matches using this built-in feature.

Column sorting

Create your own league table sorting rules. Choose which columns to use, and the priority of each one to ensure your standings are 100% accurate.

Value adjustments

Fine-tune the values of league tables and player ranking charts by using the behind-the-scenes adjustments table. This table works together with the automatic calculations to provide a final value for each statistic.


A suite of features to make updating and sharing easier.

Match reports

Add a recap to each match to provide your audience with detailed match reports.

Easily add media

Insert images and videos into each event and display them automatically.

Team comparisons

Display head-to-head comparison charts in events to show a breakdown of statistics per team.

Post-match discussion

Enable comments to encourage discussion between fans and teammates after each match.


Clone anything with just one click. Great for creating multiple events.

Customizable widgets

Add sports elements to sidebars using the provided widgets. Each widget can be customized to display or filter out specific information.

Facebook Page widget

Add a Facebook widget to embed and promote each team. Embed each team’s timeline, events, and messages.

Tweets from teams & players

By adding Twitter usernames to team and players, their latest tweets are automatically displayed on their profile pages.

Shortcode wizard

AgileSite Sports shortcodes makes it super easy to create pages. Copy and paste shortcodes to embed league tables, player lists, profiles, and other elements to create unique pages on your site.

A Wide Variety Of Sports

We support almost any team sport with a scoring system. Presets are available for the following sports.

American football

Keep track of points and total touchdowns. Assign offensive and defensive positions to each player. Calculate overall statistics automatically.

Australian rules football

Record goals, behinds, and points per quarter. Track each player’s statistics per game and per season. Combine it all to generate career totals and more.


Report game results inning by inning with the away team first. Create player profiles with separate pitching and batting statistics.


Record points per quarter and overtime. Automatically calculate player statistics and percentages based on game performance.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stats including kills, deaths, and assists for each player. KDA ratios are calculated automatically based on stats.


Separately track batsmen and bowlers with different sets of statistics. Display extras and players who did not bat at the end of scorecards.


Keep track of legs won and display automated leaderboards including win, draw, and loss tallies, and points based on match results.

Dota 2

Display a rating adjustment per player and generate leaderboards with wins, losses, and ratings. Calculate win rates from match totals.

Esports (gaming)

AgileSite Sports can be customized to keep track of gaming stats for any esport: Call of Duty, World of Tanks, Rocket League, you name it!


Track and display power play opportunities and goals over three periods. Automatically calculate statistics and averages per player.

Football (soccer)

Generate fixtures and results. Automatically calculate points and goal differences. Track own goals and subtract them from player statistics.


Record 9-hole and 18-hole rounds with adjustable par setting per hole. Display a reported score automatically determined by strokes and par.


Report on goals and interceptions per player. Display automatically generated statistics like total matches, goal difference, and team points.

Ice hockey

Separate players into skaters and goalies, then record separate stats for each position. Track penalty minutes, shot percentages, and much more.


Display each player’s shots on goal, and calculate percentages based on performance. Keep track of games by quarter and overtime.

League of Legends

Keep track of kills, deaths, assists, and gold collected per player. Display advanced statistics including KDA ratio and gold per minute.


Record goals per quarter and detailed player statistics. Generate automated league tables with points and goal difference sorting.

Rugby league

Generate match reports with detailed results and player performance. Create automated league ladders that are calculated from these statistics.

Rugby union

Calculate points from tries, conversions, penalty drops, and drop goals per player. Display profiles with statistics for each season.


Display player performance per frame and totals points per game. Create dynamic league tables with points, differences, and more.


Capture runs for seven innings or more, with separate pitching and batting statistics. Display home/road records, percentages, and winning streak.


Record matches using best-of-five rules and separate points for each game. Use match results to generate automated leaderboard statistcs.

Table tennis

Capture points per set and total sets won in each match. Use these statistics to generate leaderboards wi th points and percentages.


Record five sets of points and calculate total percentages based on results. Leaderboards take into account wins, losses, and unfinished matches.


Generate game details with separate set points and individual player stats. Automatically generate leaderboards with Pct, B/S, and A/S columns.

Other sports

Couldn’t find your sport? Don’t worry, you can customize AgileSite Sports to suit your sport. Underwater hockey? Or maybe even a casual game of Quidditch? We’ve got you covered.




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