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Who We Are

We are a visionary technology company based in the Midlands and rooted in traditional values. Our purpose? To make digital technology commonplace and to enhance the digital performance of business. How? By working alongside businesses like yours.

Our Story

1.3 Creative was created by Sarah & Elliot in late 2015.

Having struggled to find a digital agency that supported a subscription service model, they spotted a gap in the market – clients looking for a predictable investment in their online digital presence.

Since then, 1.3 Creative has extended its design and delivery methodologies, its commitment to being an open, honest and transparent partner and added NetSuite, Dynamics CRM  and Enterprise Content Management to our portfolio.

In our spare time, we are building ChatBots, ready for when Conversational interactions with devices take the world by storm.

Elliot, previously a Samaritan in Northampton, found helping people through difficult circumstances to be an incredibly rewarding experience. So much so that he mandated 1.3 Creative should set aside a minimum of 5% of its resources to assist Charities across the communities it served.

Today, 1.3 Creative is a friendly team of Creative Imagineers delivering digital services for clients across Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and the UK.

Giving Back

Our view on giving back to society is that it not only makes us more generous, it also gives us a stronger sense of purpose, and happiness in doing something for others who need it more. We find giving back to society to be de-stressing too, allowing us to keep a balance between our mad rush to fulfill our obligations to our customers and our need to become a more responsible group of citizens.

So where can our efforts be felt in our community? For starters, we give back 5% of our time and resources to projects we care about. That’s not a target, that’s a minimum! We help Charities with their digital presence, Charities dedicated to helping abused parents in the UK and abused children in Africa. We have also provided security advisories to over 200 Northamptonshire businesses. And this is just the beginning …

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