As 1.3 Creative, a modern digital agency committed to the wellbeing of both our customers and our team members, we understand the need to watch out for signs of stress. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the idea of creating or maintaining a digital presence for your organisation can feel like an unnecessary addition to your stress levels. For Stress Awareness Month 2019, we are offering one mental health charity the chance to benefit from our digital services for free.

When stress takes a hold, it can be easy to feel as though life is spiralling away from you, with no hope of regaining control. It can be hard not to blame yourself, especially if you, like us, are conscientious and caring about the work you do, and believe that your work really matters. If you work in mental health, you’ll know better than anyone that stress is actually a very natural, biological response that our bodies have when we believe we are under attack by threatening outside forces.

Despite how unpleasant it can feel, stress developed as a useful response to dangerous situations, helping us to identify dangers in the wild and escape from them. However, in today’s industrial world, where it’s unlikely that we will suddenly come face-to-face with a tiger and need to respond appropriately, it can certainly feel confusing when this mechanism kicks in, in the context of a modern society. That is what makes the amazing work done by mental health charities so important – it reminds us all to focus on our wellbeing every step of the way as the world moves in a different, but no less complex, direction.

As a modern and innovative digital agency, our vision is to help secure a positive outcome for the world as it goes through an unprecedented rate of change. We are aiming to be the light at the end of the tunnel for a Midlands mental health charity who are struggling to get to grips with the online world whilst also concentrating on providing vital mental health services to the community. Maybe there is a particular problem that has arisen, but you’re not sure where to turn to solve it. Perhaps you’re working with an existing digital platform, and would like support to help you make the most of it. Or maybe a new look or rebrand has been in the back of your mind for a while, and you would like to work with us to attract specific new audiences to your service.

After we have taken the time to listen to and consider your needs, we will carefully select the team members who have the most relevant skills to help you in your personal journey to de-stressing the online world. As part of that, you will experience the comfort of having your own designated point of contact within 1.3 Creative, who will liaise with a point of contact within your organisation to help things run smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re anything like us, the promise of a clear structure will be music to your ears. We feel that having a plan, with clear goals and objectives, greatly reduces the possibility of stress and helps everyone involved to feel relaxed in the knowledge of exactly who has exactly what under control. Throughout the 90-day period, your chosen charity can take comfort in being relieved of the financial and time-based stress that can come with running such an important but often underappreciated organisation.

In exchange for delivery of the agreed objectives on time and to the expected standards, we would love you to take the time to give us a review! Reviews help spread the word about our dynamic team and the innovative work that we do. We would also love to write up a case study on what we have achieved together, so that we can learn how to improve for the future. If you would be happy to be involved in a relaxed, informal video interview, that would be even better!

If you’re keen to get straight on with your journey to de-stressing technology, nominate your chosen charity now using the simple Google form.

Check back here every Friday throughout the month of April for updates on how the campaign is going, for our own personal tips for dealing with stress, and to find out who has been lucky enough to be chosen by our trusted external adjudicator at the end of the month!

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