Website Design

Armed with expertise in custom creative design, we will work with you to tailor designs to your individual goals and target audience, putting you and your business needs at the centre of each stage of the process.

Persona Driven Websites

Persona-driven Design

Why we use personas

Taking the time to consider your audiences and the type of message that is most likely to align with their values and way of life will put you ahead of other businesses who may be simply guessing at what a hypothetical audience wants to hear. Would you be more likely to trust a brand who has made a thoughtful and concerted effort to relate to you and gain your trust? Questions brought about by user adventures help keep the needs of real people at the forefront of the minds of designers. For example, does the responsive design work as required? Do the copywriting and photography have the desired effect? 

Responsive Design

In a world with an ever-increasing number of devices available on which customers could wish to view your content, we can optimise your website to fit a range of screens. Responsive design ensures that your website is automatically set up to respond to the size and dimensions of the user’s chosen device. This allows you to relax in the knowledge that potential customers will not be put off from finding out more by being confronted with the need to zoom in or fiddle with settings. This way, with the help of our creative designs and copywriting, your intended message can make an impact straight away.

Custom Creative Design

This is where the ‘creative’ in 1.3 Creative comes in. We pride ourselves on innovative, tailored designs that also allow for responding to the changing needs of your business in this new digital world. Here, we can ensure you are showcasing what you have to offer in a way that stands out to your target audience. Choosing to work with a digital agency that prioritises creative working is one of the best decisions you can make. Thinking outside of the box will help you to stay ahead of competitors and to feel secure in the knowledge that what your customers see reflects your individual goals and values.

UI/UX Design

User Experience Design and User Interface Design are distinct web design elements that work closely together and are essential for a product’s success. UX design can be viewed as the organs of a product – measuring and optimising its vital components as a reaction to outside input. UI design represents more of the cosmetic side of a product – and is closer to graphic design in nature, although somewhat more complex. Both the organs and the cosmetics of your website are safe in the hands of our creative team, who are committed to providing you with a tailored and individualised experience.

Copywriting and Photography

Humans can be visual creatures, and an impactful image can be what grabs our attention first. Give yourself the best chance of creating a positive initial impression with professional photography tailored to your needs. Allow our talented photographer to assist you in setting the right tone for your message before a website visitor even begins to read. When it comes to written content, our aim is to make an emotional connection with your target audience, and to weave a story around what you wish to promote. We have noticed that people tend to respond well if they are taken on a journey. Our CEO has even been known to refer to our creative writer as the “emotional ambassador”.

Built on WordPress

We are proud to be highly skilled on the popular Content Management System, WordPress. We enjoy the fact that WordPress allows us to be flexible, which means that we are able to adapt our website design process to fit your specific business goals and needs and to help you stand out from the crowd. Also exciting is how easy WordPress makes it to implement updates if you change your mind. We understand that your needs will change over time and in response to new business developments, and we know it helps smooth that process over if changes can be made efficiently and with a responsive and experienced team at your disposal.

Improve your digital stance today!

Graphic Design

We can make your unique selling point shine with logos and branding that reflect your values. Connect with potential new customers and let the world know about the exciting products or services you are offering. Maintain trust with existing customers who will continue to have confidence in your message. A unique and trust inspiring brand can make all the difference when applied consistently across your business.

Digital Marketing

You’ve got a great brand – how about selling it? Achieve measurable benefits from our Google-certified strategies to optimise your website’s online performance. Trust us to advise you on making sure your site shows up high in search engines, as well as getting across the value of your brand on social media platforms.

Web App Development

Benefit from our expert, persona-driven software testing, plus our highly experienced talent across a wide array of Google technologies. Further advance your business prospects and take your organisation into the digital future by placing trust and confidence in our abilities. Our openness policy will ensure that you are kept informed and connected to the heart of the process.