Nominate a mental health charity for free digital support

Inspired by Stress Awareness Month, April 2019

As a modern digital agency committed to the wellbeing of our team members, we understand the need to watch out for signs of stress. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the idea of creating or maintaining a digital presence for your organisation can feel like an unnecessary addition to your stress levels. For Stress Awareness Month 2019, we are offering one mental health charity the chance to benefit from 90 days of our digital services for free!

Three of the main principles that our organisation is built on are experimentation, charitable endeavours, and well-being. We think that these fit perfectly into our current campaign. Take action today and help us use technology for good. Benefit from our skilled digital services, giving you the chance to relax, and opening up more time to concentrate on continuing to provide your much needed service.

What are the benefits?

Take some stress away from a mental health charity

Do you know of a mental health charity that would benefit from assistance with de-stessing the online world?

Nominate a charity today!