Project Description

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Our journey with Finastra

Finastra is a financial software solutions company with global reach and an established presence in the world of innovative and visionary technology. The company is committed to meeting the changing needs of its clients and developing positive business relationships.

Client passion: Finastra builds innovative, next-generation technology in the field of financial software solutions. Their geographical reach means that they can serve customers effectively, regardless of size or location, and they are passionate about meeting the needs of the era and developing long-lasting relationships.

Client problem: Due to Finastra’s great size and global reach, Chris and Manali were experiencing difficulty finding what they needed amongst so many disparate sources of data. They were also experiencing issues recording the correct data, and assigning that data to the correct place to be found quickly and efficiently later on.

What we delivered: We began with creating a sheet, which enabled searching for the correct project, along with IDs for locating the correct data. Then, formulas were developed, in the interest of more specific corresponding names for IDs. The development of the Finastra Solution App meant that vast amounts of information could be accurately captured directly out of the core financial cloud based application, NetSuite, and the data could be interacted with by someone within Finastra to build a new project request, simply by using a browser anywhere in the world.

When a request is submitted via the Finastra Solution App, it appears on the sheet in pristine condition, and is also time-stamped for extra accuracy, ready for import into the cloud based professional services application, OpenAir. Additionally, the “add administrators” and “add approvers” functions were added, in order to further accountability and organisation.

This project came about very naturally, with everyone involved working together to find a straightforward solution to a wide-reaching problem. Working with Finastra on this was our first foray into Google API (Application Programming Interface), which gave us an excellent opportunity to develop our technological skills, and also to learn more about how to work with a large company with its own way of working.

Who was involved:

Elliot Charles (consultancy)

JC Cloete (functionality)

Henri Fourie (design)

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