Project Description

Rosemary Ndukuba makes organic, mouth-watering chocolate from scratch in Royal Leamington Spa.


Our journey with Cenu Cacao

Client Passion
Passionate from a young age about high-quality, ethically-sourced and handmade chocolate, Rosemary opened an artisan chocolate business in 2017, creating outstanding products and an atmosphere that keep customers coming back for more.

Client Problem

Rosemary wanted the ability to tell her story and share her passion with an online audience, as well as to sell her products through an additional medium. She had also commissioned a designer to make a logo for her business but was struggling to optimise the design in different sizes for use both in store and online.

What We Delivered
An eCommerce store, online payments, graphic design, training, and maintenance & support.

Who was involved
Ken Charles
Henri Fourie
Elliot Charles

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Desktop View of website
Desktop View of website
Mobile view of website
Mobile view of website