Project Description

Karen Kissane is an ICF-certified business coach and mentor, helping clients to achieve remarkable success.


Our journey with Karen Kissane

Client Passion

Karen Kissane helps committed and motivated people on their journey to achieving remarkable success and fulfilling their potential in their personal and professional lives.

 Client Problem

Karen came to us after being let down by a different web design company. Specifically, Karen felt she was not being listened to, and was not kept fully informed and included in the design, decision, and learning processes.

We put Karen centre-stage in everything we did, and valued her input every step of the way. The end result was a website that Karen was truly involved in creating and that she felt proud of. Subsequently, we have helped tie external booking and form completion processes into Karen’s website, in the interests of greater business efficiency.

What We Delivered

Web design, an animated slider, third party application integration, training, and maintenance & support.

Who Was Involved
Henri Fourie
Ken Charles
Jason Peake
Elliot Charles

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