Empowering Women

Karen Kissane is an ICF certified business coach and mentor, helping clients achieve remarkable success.

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Client Passion
Karen Kissane helps committed and motivated people realise their ambitions and achieve remarkable success.

Client Problem
Karen came to us after being let down by a different web design company. Specifically, Karen felt she wasn’t being listened to and wasn’t part of the design, decision and learning process. We changed all of that and put Karen centre stage in everything we did. The end result was a site Karen was truly involved in and felt very proud of. Subsequently we have helped tie external booking and form completion processes into Karen’s website for greater business efficiencies.

What We Delivered
Web Design, Animated Slider, 3rd Party Application Integration, Training, Maintenance & Support.

The Team
Henri Fourie, Ken Charles, Jason Peake.

Desktop View of website
Desktop View of website

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