UK Innovation Hub

Imagineering Vision is a UK innovation hub focusing on the upliftment of STEM skills through immersive project based shared experiences.

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Client Passion
Imagineering Vision is passionate about new technology and how it is transforming the world we live in.

Client Problem
The client needed a new brand established across all media channels as well as a persona driven website that spoke strongly to Volunteers, Makers and Learners. The requirement extended to delivering a fully integrated online business on a single platform which included the core capabilities of: marketing site, event management, online courses, online membership, online community, blogging and social media integration.

What We Delivered
Logo, Brand Guidelines, Web Design, Event Management, Online Membership, Online Courses, Online Payments, Maintenance & Support.

The Team
Jason Peake, Henri Fourie, Jc Cloete & Ken Charles.

Desktop View of website
Desktop View of website

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